Thursday, June 30, 2005 

Google AdSense

As I mentioned in a previous post, this blog will be slowly changing as I decide what suites it the best. One new addition, as of yesterday, are the Google AdSense links to the left. Why would I bother putting ads on my page you ask? Well think about it this way, this blog is free and the ads are free yet the more people who visit and click on the ads the more money I make. See the wonderfulness of this? Obviously it's not going to make me a lot of money, but it's still free money =) If anyone reading this page has any suggestions on what they'd like to see happen with this page just post a comment and let me know. I'd be happy to hear from you. In the mean time here are some more links the past the time - random funny news articles - an article about a sword fighting robot, i think it's cool! - can you answer the age old question, is it sad for a 27 yr old to have a xanga? update: I've just added a Google search option on my webpage.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

Verizon DSL

Wow I now love Verizon! Why you ask, because they just doubled my internet connection speed for free. Yes you read that right, free! A friend of mine from high school told me if I called Verizon and asked them to increase my connection speed they would double it from 768K to 1.5M. Today I went ahead gave Verizon a call , and it worked like a charm. All I have to say to this is... WOOT! Who ever has Verizon DSL should give them a call and see if they will do this for you. I don't know if it's only local to Philadelphia, but it doesn't hurt to try right?



Ahhh the joys of pay day! Although pay day happens to be tomorrow due to direct deposit I get paid a day early every week, wohoo! Now that I have my first full time job I've been pondering on how to invest my money. Since I have very little experience (aka no experience) I've been doing a lot of researching; talking to friends, reading web pages and books. Everything I've learned so far tells me to invest early and often. This is all well and good but it leaves me with one very large question, how much should i allow myself to spend? If every penny I earned went to paying bills and investing I would have none left for fun. Sure I may be able to retire a little earlier, but I want to have some fun now (and a lot of it *wink*)! If anyone has thoughts about that put a comment on this posting and let us all know. I'll keep you all posted on any apposite information I learn about investing money. ps See, this isn't just a geeky blog. Just a blog made by a geeky person =) update: Here is a link I came across for some general investing tips.


Geeky Links

As you may or may not have noticed, I've updated the links section of this blog. There are only a few links at the moment, but give them a try. Like the rest of this site they are a bit geeky and great for passing the time. Switching topics completely, Apple released itunes 4.9 yesterday. Normally something like this isn't even worth posting about, but the new itunes has integrated podcasting available. For those of you who don't know podcasting it's a way to allow people to publish audio files to the internet and let people know about it and have their software automatically download the files. (For more information on podcasting check out the information at Me, being the geek I am, as soon as I got home I downloaded and took it out for a spin. The program works pretty well for subscribing to podcasts. One thing I noticed though was the tricky-ness of apple. Normally I have my itunes set up to not show the itunes store, but in this release of itunes the podcasts are in the itunes store (don't worry they are still free). This allows apple to force users into their itunes store in order to subscribe to podcasts. Smart move if you ask me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 


Hi everyone! I started my first job a few weeks ago and have yet to be assigned any work, so I was sitting at my desk thinking of ways to pass the time. This helped a lot because it caused a lot of time to pass, but I knew I would need to eventually think of something. Well, you are reading what I thought of, make a blog! I have a vague, some what fuzzy, idea of what this blog will be about. This blog will be about the things I enjoy, so expect geeky sometimes random postings. Expect a lot of changes to start happening in the layout of the page as I get more acclimated to blogging, as well as figuring out how I want this page to look. On a different note, today is my birthday!