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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

Unsecured Wireless Network No More

Yesterday my Verizon modem finally arrived in the mail and when I got home I immediately began to set up my internet connection. The last time I set up a DSL modem with Verizon I remembered that in order to use a router with it you first had to log into the modem and disable its own router functionality. Knowing this I connected my laptop to the modem and entered A login window came up and I entered some default information for the router and logged in. Once in I saw that there seemed to be a wireless linksys router contained in this modem, while this was pretty cool I had a much better router I wanted to us. Therefore I went about changing the password to the modem and then disabling the wireless abd router functions before logging out. After all of this, I logged back in to make a few more changes. Upon logging in I saw a completely different set of menus and the password was once again a default password. Thinking about this for a few minutes I realized that my laptop had connected to an unsecure wireless network a few minutes ago and that was the router I had changed the password to and turned off pretty much all functionality to... Oooppss. Someone in my apartment building is probably very frustrated right now with their router. They can't figure out why they can't connect to it, why it isn't connecting to the internet and why the password suddenly changed. While this was all accidental it definitely shows you why you should change the default password on your router and add some encryption on the signal. =p

i've been reading your posts, and i love it! it's 3:49am, and the tech talk get me goin'. hahaha

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