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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

Professional Phone Call Fun

I found a new way to have fun while at work, making professional phone calls. Of course, these are not real professional phone calls they are just meant to sound that way. Here is the premise, since the majority of your friends do not have your work phone number they will not know who is calling them when they number appears on their phone's display. All you have to do is sound very formal and act like you are calling from a company to talk with them about a job. My first attempt at this did not go very well, mainly because about three sentences into the conversation I started to laugh, but next time will definitely go better! Here is the transcript of the phone call: person answering: "Hello...?" me: "Hi I'm calling for *insert full name here*" person answering: "Hi, this is she" *said in a very professional tone* After hearing her say that I couldn't help but laugh. Yes I know I'm a terrible person, but this will definitely keep me amused for a while! =)

haha I think lots of people will fall for ur trick if you don't laugh! =) in this case, caller ID really throws a person off!


wow, you really haven't been posting lately.

you are terrible person and i am telling your boss what you do on company time!

update update! =) just kidding... update if you can... you bostonian you! ;)

you REALLY haven't updated it in a while. people are going to stop checking!

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