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Monday, August 22, 2005 

TI Obsession

I'm sure we have all at some point owned a TI graphing calculator, and I'm sure a lot of us probably had a game or two in it. A few games seem perfectly okay but some people take it WAY too far. The Make Blog posted a link to a site where people have found a way to play movies on their TI calculator. Why would you ever want to do something like this?!!?!? What is the point of downloading a movie onto a graphing calculator, do you really want to watch it with no speakers and a small blurry black and white screen? Even I'm not that geeky, close but not quite there yet ;) This is following the article last week when someone ported Doom onto their TI, apparently it had a really bad frame rate (not surprising if you ask me). People it's a calculator, use it to add and subtract don't try to make it into the worlds smallest pathetic laptop =p

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