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Thursday, August 04, 2005 


Have you ever noticed how every few months a new substance will be found that is good for you? Even if it is not newly found, it suddenly becomes widely known to the general public. Once this happens all people talk about is how certain drinks and foods are good because they contain a high level of this substance. One such example is anti-oxidants. I never heard of these until about a year ago, now all I hear is how good they are for me and what contains them. The latest one I've heard about is flavanols, which is found in chocolate. I think from now on when ever some one comments on the unhealthy food I am currently eating I will say it contains a lot of "endromorphines," which are suppose to be very healthy for you. To make this convincing I will have to be ready to answer what healthy benefits they provide. When talking about health benefits of these substances - anti-oxidants, flavanols and now endromorphines- you have to phrase it in such a way that it counteracts a negative without making a positive. For example if you said "They make me grow taller" people will think the substance is a fake miracle drug, but if you say "It helps keep me from stunting my growth," or if you are older, "Helps keeping me from shrinking" people will believe you. Feel free to use this miracle new substance when ever it suits you. Here are some more reasons why you use it if people ask. "It helps stop bone lose" "They help blood cells flow better" If you can think of any more reasons please add them to the comment sections, I would like to read them =)

you know it's not going to convince me, right?

You forget the obvious one, it prevents cancer. Any sort that you would be in the mood for. Colon, breast, lung, liver, brain, skin, etc. Studies have shown, you are 25% less likely to develop hair cancer with a daily intake of 200mg of endromorphines!

hm...intriguing. having an empty kitchen vs it keeps tom away. hm...

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