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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

Dynamic DNS

Continuing from yesterday's article about proxies and how to set one up, this post will deal with the annoyance of dynamic IP addresses. If you have a typical broadband connection then you most likely have a non-static IP address. This can be very annoying since tunneling to the SSH server installed on your home computer requires you to know its IP address. One simple way to get around this is to use a dynamic DNS service. What is a dynamic DNS service you ask? Once again I'm going to give a shoddy explanation and then refer you to someplace else, so here goes... A DNS service allows an internet domain name to be assigned to a non-static IP address, and once again for more information check out this wikipedia article. One good , free, place to set up a dynamic DNS account is DynDNS. Not only is there service free, but they also have a lot of documentation if you need help setting everything up. Once you have your openSSH server running ,and your dynamic DNS set up you are all set with your proxy. Update: I really like that fish =p