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Friday, July 22, 2005 

Work Arounds - Firefox at Work

Here, where I work the network is set up pretty well. I can log into any Windows computer and my email will be automatically set up, my internet browser ready to go, and pretty much all is fine and dandy. One big issue I've been having is with my browser's bookmarks. When I log into another computer, sure I can access the internet but none of the bookmarks stored on my computer are accessible. This may sound trivial and pointless but sometimes I bookmark items that are very relevant to my work, and I need access to them when I am at work but at a different computer. There is a very simply way around this though! The work around I am going to talk about is actually useful for two reasons. The first reason, like I stated above, is that you can have your book marks where ever you are. The second is that even if you don't have administer privileges on your machine you can "install" and run firefox. What you need to do is download a copy of portable firefox. This program is designed to allow you to run firefox from a USB flash drive, but if you look into the program folders you will find one called "firefox." All you need to do is copy this folder, and all it's contents, to a network drive (preferably one only you can save onto). This folder contains all the stuff needed to run firefox, and a nice and simple executables file you can link to and open firefox whenever and wherever you want. Now that you have a copy of firefox stored on a network drive, where ever you are in the company you can open it and have all your settings and bookmarks ready to go. If your company doesn't have network drives you can use for this, simply purchase a USB flash drive and carry it with you (for this though you need to keep all the files that come with portable firefox). If nothing else, this works great for me ;)

This is good, but you can take this even further.

If you use del.icio.us, you can download an extension which wil sync your local bookmarks with your del.icio.us. This way, you can have your bookmarks ready on your FF anywhere in the world.

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