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Sunday, July 17, 2005 

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The new Harry Potter book arrived in the mail yesterday, just as amazon.com said it would. Plus they even lowered the price I bought it at, wohoo!. After getting home from bowling yesterday I immediateness went straight to reading the book Needless to say I've finished the book already, and what a book it was! This is definitely the most action packed Harry Potter book yet, not to mention darkest. JK Rowling does an amazing job of portraying the darkness and fear that was there since Voldermort returned. On a more tech related note, I also saw that the audio book has already been placed online as a torrent. There combined number of seeders and leechers was well over 500, which is insane! I wonder how many actively sought out the torrent and how many stumbled across it. Although to be honest I was a bit disappointed that the p2p community was not able to get their hands on a real copy of the book or audio book until after the release. Even though I wasn't planning on reading/listening to the book it would have been interesting to see the publishers reaction to just how deep the p2p community runs. Especially with how strict the publisher was being with security on this book. I guess it all paid off in the end though, the book came out when the publisher wanted with all the hype and fanfare. Plus it was a very good book which I highly recommend =)