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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Netgear Ninnies

A few weeks ago I bought the Netgear WGM124 Pre-N wireless router. I'm a big fan of Netgear's products because they've served me well in the past, and this time seemed to be no exception.

After about a week I noticed I was unable to log into the router. Every time I tried I would get an error saying another administrator was online. I simply figured I had logged out incorrectly the previous time, to fix this I did a hard reset on the router and everything seemed fine. About a week after that the same thing happened again. While I know there really isn't a "right way" to log out of a router so I was beginning to get annoyed with this router. I knew no one else was logged into it and yet I still couldn't get in (all I wanted to do was upgrade the firmware!). I browsed Google but was unable to find any other problems like mine, so I decided my best bet was to contact Netgear's technical support. Well so far it's been over a week and I have gotten three replies from them and it's now working worse then ever. Their first reply told me to use the set up wizard AFTER I had logged into the router, see a problem here? Especially since that the difficulty I was having. In the next reply they told me to perform a hard reset. After thinking over it I decided it was my only course of action, so I went ahead with it. After doing this I still couldn't log in, and now I can't reset the passwords needed to sign on to my DSL account. Luckily I had another wireless router, 802.11b =(, and used that to email them back. I've found it's very hard to keep emails civilized when the people you are contacting to help you are making things worse, and they seem to have difficulty reading when you explain them a problem. After explaining to them I could no longer get online because of what they made me do ,and because I can't log into the router, they decided my problem was all about not getting online not the fact I still can't log into the router. This brings me to my current phase, I've emailed back Netgear support explaining to them again what the problem is. Hopefully they will find someone who can read and then at least give me a reply that is at least based on my problem. I'm not even asking for it to work, just to know they have figured out what the problem is!! Wish me luck with the Netgear Ninnies!