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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

How To - Take a nap at work

After only getting four hours of sleep last night I came in to work today and was exhausted. Luckily, last summer I learned a great way to take a nap during the day and today I was able to utilize that knowledge to my benefit. Since I consider napping to be a great way to pass the time, and that's what this blog is all about - passing time, I thought I would pass on this precious knowledge. During your lunch break or anytime during the day(if you are a bit more rebellious then I) you can take a nap in your car. You may know people that nap in their cubicles, but I submit to you that a car is a much better place. The reason the car is a better place to nap is due to the perception of someone who sleeps in their cubicle. If you are a cubicle sleeper, even during your lunch break, you will be perceived as a lazy slacker because no one will know it's your lunch break. If you sleep in your car no one will no you are sleeping and they will just assume you are in a meeting or doing work elsewhere. Obviously there are some down sides to sleeping in your car. One of the biggest problems is the heat, but this can be dealt with by to parking your car in the shade. By doing this you keep the sun from heating up you car. If there is no shade where you work buy one of those fold-able window blockers (also useful for blocking you from view when napping). Another problem is visibility, you don't want people to keep walking by you and seeing you sleep. The best way to avoid this is to park in some isolated corner of the parking lot. Although, when it comes to visibility and heat you want to make sure the heat precautions have priority. Now that you've set up your car and you are sitting inside you have just a few more steps to take. First, set you alarm! This is a very crucial step. Someone will notice you are missing if you oversleep and don't wake up for several hours. Next, if it is hot outside, roll down your windows. Don't just roll down the front windows, roll them ALL down, it helps a lot trust me. If it is too hot for even this to help, and you absolutely need a nap, just turn the air conditioner on full blast until the car is cold then turn the car off and fall asleep. The final thing to remember is RELAX! You are trying to take a nap, not impress people at work. Feel free to take your shoes off, un-tuck your shirt whatever it takes to sleep well, but not so comfortable that if someone found you it would be embarrassing. You don't want your boss to find you asleep in your car wearing nothing but your boxers. =p So that's it, a few simply steps on how to take a very nice nap at work, while not appearing to be a lazy bum. If you have any workplace napping stories you want to share post them in the comments section, I'd love to hear them. =)