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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 


Hi everyone! I started my first job a few weeks ago and have yet to be assigned any work, so I was sitting at my desk thinking of ways to pass the time. This helped a lot because it caused a lot of time to pass, but I knew I would need to eventually think of something. Well, you are reading what I thought of, make a blog! I have a vague, some what fuzzy, idea of what this blog will be about. This blog will be about the things I enjoy, so expect geeky sometimes random postings. Expect a lot of changes to start happening in the layout of the page as I get more acclimated to blogging, as well as figuring out how I want this page to look. On a different note, today is my birthday!

Now you'll have a work blog!

happy birthday

Happy b-day

Good luck!

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