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Wednesday, June 29, 2005 


Ahhh the joys of pay day! Although pay day happens to be tomorrow due to direct deposit I get paid a day early every week, wohoo! Now that I have my first full time job I've been pondering on how to invest my money. Since I have very little experience (aka no experience) I've been doing a lot of researching; talking to friends, reading web pages and books. Everything I've learned so far tells me to invest early and often. This is all well and good but it leaves me with one very large question, how much should i allow myself to spend? If every penny I earned went to paying bills and investing I would have none left for fun. Sure I may be able to retire a little earlier, but I want to have some fun now (and a lot of it *wink*)! If anyone has thoughts about that put a comment on this posting and let us all know. I'll keep you all posted on any apposite information I learn about investing money. ps See, this isn't just a geeky blog. Just a blog made by a geeky person =) update: Here is a link I came across for some general investing tips.

Is a hobby an investment? (you should be able to figure out what the next line of logic is)

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