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Monday, July 18, 2005 


Even before the Sony PSP was launched I've been drooling over it, yes drooling. I'm even more inclined to get one since people have figured out a way to run homebrew applications of a memory stick and also re-encode dvds to a format that can be played on the psp. My only hesitation about getting one at the moment is they are so expensive, base price $250! Add that price with a large memory stick, a case, and of course games, and it will be well over $400! Even at such an exorbitant price, I still think I'm going to save up and purchase a PSP in a few months. What games would you guys suggest I get?

I personally would rather get a Nintendo DS than a PSP. First of all the DS is only 150 and it comes with Mario. Second, the DS's touch screen is extremely unique and the games are really fun like Yoshi's touch and go and my friends rave about Meteos. You can also play multi player through wi-fi. 8 player mario kart would be pretty awesome. I feel the PSP's DVD feature isn't all that great. You can purchase the actual DVD for the same price or often times, even cheaper than the PSP version. I don't know of any special games that are coming out for the PSP. Most of the stuff they offer are no different than what's out on the PS2. If you really want to watch DVDs on the go, you can always get yourself a portable DVD player or just use a laptop.

I actually already own a DS, sure the touch screen is inventive but no games out realy make it all that useful. Also psp has ll those wifi features you just mentioned! Plus if you own the DVDs you can just re-encode them and watch them on your psp without buying a UMD movie.

Do people normally check the page again for your reply to their comments? Anyhow~

o, btw, your favicon doesn't show up on Sammy. the Nerd Vittles favicon does though so I don't understand why yours wouldn't.

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