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Monday, August 08, 2005 

Verizon Business DSL

The past week or two I had set up one of my home computers to run as an SSH server. The purpose of this server was just for the challenge and to see if I could do it, and to learn stuff along the way. Unfortunately Verizon must have noticed the data going to and from my home using that port and they closed most of my ports! While they had all right to do this, since it says in their TOS that you can't run any type of server on your home network. I was still upset though, especially since I was thinking about setting up an apache server and hosting my own website and blog! I spent some time yesterday trying to find a broadband service provider that would allow me to have a server running. I eventually found Verizon business DSL. It was hard to find any pricing for the service, since they check your phone number for availability and then tell me I already have DSL, but I was eventually able to get some details. Their bare minimum service is $39.99 a month, only $10 more than I pay now. Not only are you allowed to have servers running but they also increase your speed to 3mb download and 758kb upload, which would definitely be nice. To get a static IP address they want another $20 a month, but with a dynamic DNS account who needs one of those? Now I just need to decide if I want to upgrade or not... but knowing me I probably will ;)

I finally worked out how to setup word press so the url links would be consistent with the topic and titles. You can see this in action email hosting Notice how each post contains mod rewrite correctly, this makes email hosting with blogs easier i think , if you have time check it out.

I found Verizon Business DSL searching the blogs for 14.95 DSL. Luckily broadband is being installed in my neck of the woods. I just ordered 14.95 DSL. I can't wait to see how much faster I can search through the blogs and stuff. Can yah tell I'm a little excited? I don't even have it yet and I am sittin here posting about it! Hah hah hah, anyway, I really like your blog Tom, I'm gonna go read some more posts. Hasta

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Hi there Tom. So I see I find myself back here again. I figure it's high time I post something eh? It's strange that I always wind up back at this blog, I dunno if it is fate or if it is the great stories like Verizon Business DSL …lol. I suppose I should tell you to keep it up since I obviously love reading here so much. LoL, but really, do keep this up, otherwise I might have to find something else to do with my time (and we can’t have that now can we?) Anyway, I am off, to surf some more blogs with my spankin new dsl for 14.95. Later Tom

Tom! Ugh I've had it with all these huge posts, this blogging on dialup is seriously for the birds. All these photo's and flash in the blogs anymore have force me into getting dsl service. I guess it's not so bad tho now that it is like 14.95 a month or whatever. Please be kind to all those remaining dialup users! But enough with that. Lets get back to the Verizon Business DSL stuff.

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Wow, Verizon Business DSL huh. Broadband finally showed up in my neighborhoodI just ordered business broadband. It's amazing how much faster you can search through the blogs with business broadband! I really like your blog Tom, I'm bookmark you and come visit more often, but right now I am goin to go show off my shiney new Internet connection! lol

Wow, I am so glad I found your blog about verizon Internet! I thought verizon Internet wasn't available here until I read Verizon Business DSL the whole way through! Thanks again Tom!

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