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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 


While I didn't post about CSS yesterday I did buy two books from Amazon about it. The books I bought were from O'Reilly's. If you have never read an O'Reilly book you are missing out, they make excellent books on technology. I'm sure in the bookstore you have seem them, their covers are almost always adorned with an animal. I have no idea why they always use animals, they just do and personally I like it. Thinking about it, I have such fond memories of these books. The first HTML book I ever bought was from them, and I definitely had a lot of fun writing my geocities homepage (wow that seems like such a long time ago). The reason I think these books are so good is because they are just well written. They are clea,r concise, and informative. Some technology books jump all over the place or assume too much about what the reader knows. With an O'Reilly book they clearly state what you will need to know and give a logical and clean layout to the book. If you ever need to read up on a something dealing with technology, definitely check out an O'Reilly book first!

We have a growing multimedia group doing great things with XML. Could always use another programer.

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