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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Ipod Nano

In case you haven't heard a couple of weeks ago Apple released a new Ipod called the Ipod Nano. I was lucky enough to play with one for a bit at the apple store and all I can say is ...WOW. It is extremely small and light, you barely even know you are holding it. Plus the color screen is crisp and sharp. An interesting thing to note about the nano is that it replaced the ipod mini. This may not sound that interesting except when you realize that the ipod mini was the most popular selling ipod in the world! Apple was, and is, taking a huge chance in replacing it with another product. Although, I must say the nano is truly amazing. Their are two main differences between the mini and the nano. First off the nano has a color screen, but the most important difference is the memory type. The mini had a small hard drive while the nano contains flash memory, which is much smaller and faster. I actually ordered a nano a couple of weeks ago, but just yesterday I cancelled my order. Sure the nano is getting praise from every review you read but if you read the user reports there have been a lot of complaints about the nano getting easily scratched and more importantly the screen breaking very easily. Apple released a statement a few days ago saying that less than 1% of the screens were faulty and that everything else is fine. Personally I'm going to wait it out a few months and see what happens before I finally decide to purchase one. If you need a cover for the nano this site has gotten a lot of praise for protecting the nano from scratches. In conclusion though, WOW, they are extremely nice and I really want one =)

i agree! =) hold off is safer... admire from afar ;)

I want one too! :p
But yes, wait and see seems like an admirable policy

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