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Tuesday, September 06, 2005 


If you haven't heard of the website before digg.com is a social book marking website. In summary a social book marking website is a type of site where a community of users can post links and a short summary about different interesting links they find online. What makes digg so special though is that once a link is posted people are allowed to "digg" the site, which means say they like it and increase it's popularity. The more popular the stories the higher status it has on the page. I first found out about digg not from any link but from a podcast I came across, Diggnation. Diggnation is produced, and I used that term lightly ;), by revision 3. Revision 3 puts out a ton of great videos and podcasts; systm, the broken, and diggnation. Every week in diggnation the hosts, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrect, talk about the stories with the most diggs that week. If you don't know them both Kevin and Alex were on TechTV for a while and are both very funny. The show is very well put together, with both an audio and video version. If you like you can subscribe to either the video or audio in itunes, just look for diggnation it's normally one of the top 10 . Another option is just go to the website diggnation.com and download the files through bit torrent. They actually prefer if you use bit torrent since it saves them a ton of money for their server costs. Definitely check these guys out =)

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