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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Google Talk

I need to get back to work on this blog. I've been using my free time lately to read up on computer related things; CSS, car computers, and google talk. Google talk is Google's latest application. There had been a lot of speculation about this program before it came out and to be honest now that it's out it's a bit of a let down. Normally when Google releases a beta application it is a well polished application that revolutionizes something. This time though, their beta application truly is in a beta state. The program doesn't have many features that other programs have, such as file transferring and smilies. The nice things about it though is, it has a very clean interface and is very easy to use especially the talk feature. The main obstacle facing google talk is that it's a late player in the market with a very small user base. With all of that said, I am very excited about Google talk. The reason I am excited is because it is based on an open protocol and Google normally releases an API for their programs. So, I'm excited not for what Google Talk is but what I can foresee it becoming, especially with Google in the process of talking to other companies (such as AOL and yahoo) trying to make their networks inter-operable. Maybe one of these days the instant message scene will be unified all thanks to Google Talk. In the mean time I'll keep using aim as my primary method of chatting but I will be using Google Talk to well... talk =)

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