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Monday, October 10, 2005 

Leptodactylous (lep-tuh-DAK-tuh-luhs)

One of the bookmarks I have saved in my browser is a very nice word a day site. I really like this site because it supplies some very interesting words that are not common, and are rather fun to read and say. The name of this post is one of those words, yesterday's word actually. Leptodactylous (lep-tuh-DAK-tuh-luhs) adjective: having fine, slender digits. There are very few times you will ever have a chance to use this word in your life, unless you have a foot fetish. =p Another nice feature of the site is that each week the words are given some type of theme, last week was "words formed using combining forms." I know that makes no sense but if you go the site and check out the information they provided on each word it is rather interesting actually. These words can even make the most excerebrose people seem truly palmary. =p