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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Gaming in Korea

Today while browsing the net I found a very interesting article about gaming culture in Korea. It's a very long article, and to be honest I gave up half way through, but what I read was good =p The writer does a good job of explaining how the gaming culture developed; a combination of high prices on the original Japanese gaming consoles making everyone use a PC for gaming, the government putting broadband through out the country, and that during the down time in the economy a cheap business to start was an internet cafe. Very interesting to see how all these things worked out. While I like PC games I think I'm more of a console gamer. I prefer real time strategy games better on the PC, but for everything else give me a good console any day! Well enough gaming talk for one night, I'm off to do my QT, journal and maybe play some snes games on my laptop before bed ;)

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