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Thursday, January 05, 2006 


Well I think I've finally decided that I am going to save up some money and buy a server. Once I do that I am going to start hosting my own webpage and blog! I plan to go with a Linux distribution for the server. Why you ask? Okay you probably didn't ask why but I'm going to tell you anyway =p One big reason is so that I can have more control over the setup of the blog. Another big reason to have my own server is I can use it to run a lot of different services without having to risk my main machine. Some services I am thinking about are ssh, vpn, and ftp. (The links take you to the wikipedia entry for each acronym if you are curious what they are) Getting the server up and running will be a fun process in it's self I'm sure. This will probably take me a couple months to get everything together and actually do, but expect big changes in the future! Of course all of this is assuming I finally get an internet connection in my apartment. By the way the picture is of Dell's new 30inch LCD display. It's only $2200 so feel free to buy me one =D

hey you computer nerd. or geek. 2200, i would rather buy shoes and bags. oh and i just learnt today what ftp was, i feel like i'm in the loop. awesome.

hello tombo! boo missed you this weekend. g'luck with the server set up =)

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