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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Congee Expedition

For those of you who don't know I happen to live in Chinatown. This means there are a lot of places that sell very yummy food close at hand. One food I have been unable to find since moving here is congee. Congee is a great breakfast food because it is cheap, not to heavy, warms you up and is very scrumptious. I think I have been unable to find it because it's one of those food items most restaurant's don't put on their menu, but if you ask they have it. I guess I'll have to start asking around and see what turns up! If anyone knows of a place in Chinatown that sells good congee definitely let me know! =)

if it's a manderin speaking place. ask if they have "shee fan" or if it's cantonese... ask if they have "zhuo"? g'luck on the congee expeditions! =)

it also has a lot of additives unless my mom makes it. in cantonese, ask for "jjok".

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