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Monday, January 09, 2006 

What I Learned....

Once again I have a link to an interesting article. The article is "What I learned@MIT." The main focus of the article is discussing different situations and comparing what the school was attempting to teach in different scenarios to what the author learned about the real world. In case you are too lazy to read the article here are some highlighted bullet points:

  • Trying to learn everything from scratch is a loser's game - take advantage of available literature.
  • So when I join a company and hear how smart the people there are - I'm not impressed. Unless they're also good people to work with. That's a lot harder to find.

  • Keep the design as simple as possible. Adding complexity just for the sake of it is just risk maximization - not something you want to do in real world engineering projects, unless you're graded on complexity and not a working result.
Obviously some of his suggestions and ideas are focused more for the tech audience out there, but I think even these can be useful in many other situations. For instance, keeping a business plan simple makes it easier for your audience to understand and digest which helps getting your work done and progressing in your field. Well I hope you all enjoy the article, my short summary definitely does not do the article justice. Especially since I am very tired and am probably not writing to my normal "high" standard ;) Good night all!

hee hee i definitely read your bullet points instead =) will try to read the whole article later ;)

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