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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

Stupid Verizon!

After my long wait today was suppose to be the day that I finally had internet in my apartment. Upon arriving home and testing my DSL connection and finding it still not working I called Verizon. The first person I spoke to tells me that my account had been cancelled two days ago but he had no idea why. I then get transferred to someone who should be able to tell me what's going on. After waiting a few minutes I am informed by this new person that my account had been cancelled because the speed I requested, 3Mbps, was unavailable in my area. Apparently I am too far from the office containing the signaling equipment. Personally this could be a very reasonable thing to happen, minus them canceling my account without telling me. The reason this is totally absurd is because I live in downtown Boston, and when I say "downtown Boston" I mean I am right in the center of the city. How could Verizon not be able to give me service due to my location?!?!?!?!?!?!? All hope is not lost though, the person on the phone was able to give me a slower service, 1.5Mbps, that should be up early next week. While this means I won't get as fast a speed and I have to wait longer, it's better then nothing right? Plus with my new connection I can browse for other broadband services in my area =p On a much more happier note I finally found a place that sells congee! Like I thought it is not on the english menu, you just have to ask for it. Yum! =)

hahaha, learning the ins and outs of asian restaurants. asking for what's not on the english menu.

the jaw-connecting area in my mouth is sore and it hurts when i swallow. boo~

i have a feeling verizon may not get business from you...

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